Erasmus+ Practical Arrangements

Nomination to Akdenız University

Please contact your home university regarding your nomination as an ERASMUS student at Akdeniz University. Your nomination should be sent by e-mail to , and should include the following details: name, date of birth, e-mail address, period of stay, and field of study according to the Bilateral Agreement.

Academic Calendar

  • 2019/2020 Erasmus Academic Calendar

ECTS – European Credit Transfer System

Course unit code:

Refer to the ECTS information Package

Duration of course unit:

Y  = 1 full academic year
1S = 1 semester                      2S = 2 semesters
1T = 1 term/trimester          2T = 2 terms/trimesters

Description of the institutional grading system:

Grading Scale 1 Grading Scale 1 4 Point Grading Scale Percentage Values Definition
A+ AA 4.00 88 – 100 EXCELLENT
A BA 3.50 81 – 87 VERY GOOD
B+ BB 3.00 74 – 80 VERY GOOD
B CB 2.50 67 – 73 GOOD
C+ CC 2.00 60 – 66 GOOD
C DC 1.50 53 – 59 SATISFACTORY
D+ DD 1.00 46 – 52 FAIL
D FD 0.50 35 – 45 FAIL
E+ FF 0.25 01 – 34 FAIL

ECTS grading scale:

ECTS Grade % of successful students normally achieving the grade Definition














EXCELLENT – outstanding performance with only minor errors


VERY GOOD – above the average standard but with some errors

GOOD – generally sound work with a number of notable errors

SATISFACTORY – fair but with significant shortcomings

SUFFICIENT – performance meets the minimum criteria

FAIL – some more work required before the credit can be awarded

FAIL – considerable further work is required

ECTS credits:

1 full academic year    =          60 credits
1 semester                 =          30 credits
1 term/trimester         =          20 credits

Visa Process & Residence Permit

Visa Process

If you need to get a student visa, you must apply to a Turkish Consulate, generally the one nearest your place of residence.
You are recommended to apply for your visa as soon as you receive your acceptance letter, which is issued by Akdeniz University. The process of applying for your visa for Turkey varies depending on your country of residence.
Please check the relevant website for information about your visa status:
Foreigners who intend to study in Turkey must apply for a residence permit from the nearest local police station immediately upon their arrival in Turkey regardless of the validity of their visa.
The Akdeniz University International Relations Office provides assistance to all incoming Erasmus Students during this procedure.

Residence Permit for Incoming Student

If you come to Turkey on a tourist visa, you will not be allowed to stay and study with only that visa. You will have to apply for a residence permit.
If you come to Akdeniz University to study, you must apply for a student visa.
If you come to Akdeniz University for an internship, you must apply for an internship visa.

For your Residence Permit, you need to take the following documents to the Police Station:

1) Apply from the link and print filled application form,
2) Your passport and a copy of it,
3) Health insurance papers ( also translated to Turkish one),
4)  Passport size photos ( 4 items),
5) Official student paper and official paper from our office ( We will give them to you after your arrival),
6) Address of your stay in Turkey,
7) 55 Turkish lira ( approximately 10 Euro)

You will give all those documents to the immigration office which is front of the Akdeniz University, then in a 2 weeks you will receive your resident permit.
Please note that: this is not urgent, you can apply after your arrival in a 30 days you can finalize it.

Procedures while you are in Turkey

  1. Is my visa the only document I need to stay in Turkey?Your visa allows you to stay in Turkey for 30 days, but if you want to stay longer you must apply for a residence permit.
  1. Can I apply for a residence permit before I leave my country? You cannot apply for a residence permit before you leave your own country. You must apply for a residence permit after you arrive in Turkey because every country has different procedures and rules about foreigners.
  1. When and Where shoud I apply for my residence permit?You need to contact the foreigners department at the police station. You should do this immediately after you arrive, and under no circumstances should you wait longer than 1 month.
  1. Can I return to my home university earlier than the date on which the semester ends? The normal procedure is to leave after the semester ends. If you need to leave earlier you must obtain the permission of your departmental coordinator, which will only be given if you have completed all your exams. Your documents will be prepared with the date on which you actually leave Akdeniz University, and you should be aware that this will result in a reduction in the money that your home university pays to you.


While Akdeniz University has no dormitories of its own for the use of international students, there are a number of private hotels and hostels in the district around the campus which can provide economical accommodation. You can contact our ESN.

Your bank account while in Turkey

To open an account in a Turkish bank you will need to take your passport to the Antalya Revenue Office (Antalya Defterdarlığı) which is close to Akdeniz University. The Revenue Office will give you a number which you can use to open a bank account. You can then go any bank where you would like to have an account. Contact information: Antalya Defterdarlığı Defterdarlık Hizmet Binası Kazım Karabekir Cad. 07030 Soğuksu Muratpaşa/ANTALYA Phone: 0 (242) 237 84 00

Health Insurance

Akdeniz University does not automatically provide incoming students with insurance cover. Students must have health insurance of their own which is valid in Turkey. Because all visiting students to Turkey travel outside Antalya at some time during their stay, we advise them to arrange health insurance before they come to Turkey. Even If you do not have insurance in your own country, it may be necessary in Turkey. You can find information on what health insurance is available at the website links listed below.

You should contact the companies directly to arrange your health insurance.

Food and drink

  • Central Cafeteria

The catering facilities of the Akdeniz University are provided in the Central Cafeteria by nutrition experts who calculate daily calorie needs, and serve meals under the most hygienic conditions using only high-quality materials consistent with food safety. The Central Cafeteria was voted the best University Cafeteria in 2006 by a survey of the nation’s university students. For monthly lunch menu

  • The Olbia Cultural Centre

The Olbia Cultural Centre, centre of social life on campus, is a place where both students and members of staff can experience the pride of being exclusive and special. Besides its socio-cultural activities, the Olbia Cultural Centre provides facilities such as shops, cafés, stationers, banks, ATMs, snooker rooms, gift shops, clothes stores, travel agents and hairdresser’s. Within the unique architecture of the centre there is also an amphitheatre of 1,500 seats, and two culture rooms for 250 visitors each. With its many corners where live music can be enjoyed, there is the Culture Café where cultural studies are arranged and presented, as well as an art gallery and a handcrafts workshop. The Olbia Cultural Centre was awarded the Aga Khan Architectural Prize in 2001 for its successful integration of the various architectural styles of the university buildings, and for its use of local building materials on a human scale with creative style.

  • Yakut Food & Shopping Centre

There is a range of cafes and cafeterias with space for 800 students, plus shops, students canteen, a supermarket, bank and post office.

  • Ceypark Food & Shopping Centre

There is a range of cafes and cafeterias with space for 1000 students, plus shops, students canteen, a supermarket, post office, game center and stationery.

Health Services

Health services for both the staff and students of Akdeniz University are provided at an outpatient clinic in the Medico-Social Centre. From there they may be transferred to other health institutions for further examination and treatment if necessary. The costs of medication and treatment for students who have no social insurance provision for either themselves or family members (spouse or parents) are covered by the special budget by way of medical reports issued by the Health, Culture and Sports Directorate.

Psychological Consultancy and Guidance

The primary aim of the Psychological Counselling and Guidance Unit is to protect the mental health of students and personnel by means of individual psychotherapy. Psychological Consultation and Guidance Services are undertaken by psychiatrists, psychologists and social services experts. Psychotherapy treatments can help individuals to feel more able to achieve their goals in life by enabling them to take the control of their emotions, thoughts and actions. The objective is to allow individuals to get to know themselves better, to decrease psychological stress if it is present, to eliminate behavioural disorders, and to enable the positive growth and development of personality.

  • Contact:   Tel: +90 242 310 22 20


Akdeniz University library was founded in 1985 to support the educational and research activities of the university.

Akdeniz University provides support to library users with a full range of information sources in various formats, and in all types of media in order to supply the raw material for their scientific studies. The library consists of 4,305 m2 of indoor floor space with seating for 600 users.

The library, which offers an up-to-date collection of books and periodicals classified according to the LC (Library of Congress) system, contains 45,000 volumes of published books, subscriptions to 296 published periodicals, and 2,184 items of written research. The library also provides 24-hour access to 53,000 periodicals and 48,000 e-books found in 65 databases all over the world.

There is a multi-media collection, both wired and wireless internet access systems, a reading room for magazines and newspapers, and study rooms for faculty members, graduates and postgraduate students. Library users can scan the library catalogue, electronic periodicals and databases by means of 50 computers in common use.

The Audio Library was brought into service within the structure of the Library and Documentation Directorate as a result of work carried out by the Support Unit for Handicapped Students.

The Audio Library, established as part of a project to create a university in which all obstacles to the handicapped have been eliminated, provides users with a text reader that can convert a written text into audio format, computers with a screen reader program, and the opportunity to use of the internet and make use of every published source.

  • Contact: Tel: +90 242 227 44 30

Sport Facilities

The sport facilities of Akdeniz University are the responsibility of the Health, Culture and Sports Directorate. The campus facilities include football pitches and tennis courts, as well as playing areas for basketball, volleyball, handball, badminton, and beach volleyball. There is also a climbing wall, an indoor swimming pool and indoor sports stadiums to international standards

Akdeniz University sports teams represent their university in the branches of athletics, badminton, tennis, basketball, snooker, mountaineering, football, wrestling, handball, skiing, volleyball, table tennis, rowing, swimming, beach volleyball, folk dancing and gymnastics. The university’s sports teams are selected from among all the students of the university. The Health, Culture and Sports Directorate organises sports competitions between faculties and schools at specific periods.

Sport Facilities

  • Sport Hall
  • 2 grass football fields
  • Stadium (grass surfaced football field and B-Class Tartan surface athletics track
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • 8 tennis courts
  • Beach volleyball field
  • Beach football field
  • Artificial climbing wall
  • Fitness centre
  • Tent sports hall
  • Gymnasium, climbing platform, 4 badminton courts (Inside the tent hall)
  • Outdoor basketball and volleyball courts
  • Astroturf football field
  • Student fitness centre
  • Table tennis hall
  • Pilates hall

Terms of Use for the Sports Facilities

  1. Facilities are open from 08.30 to 22.30
  2. The Astroturf football field is in use from 08:30 to 24:00
  3. Facilities can be booked for single daily use, or subscriptions can be arranged for periods of one month, three months or six months
  4. People who prefer a combined membership have the opportunity to use the fitness centre, tennis courts and indoor swimming pool in the same day


  • Pilates and yoga courses
  • Step and aerobics courses
  • Swimming courses for adults
  • Swimming courses for children
  • Sailing courses
  • Tennis courses for adults
  • Contact: Tel     : +90 242 310 17 93 / +90 242 310 17 86  Reservation Tel: +90 242 310 20 86  Fax: +90 242 310 68 27


  • Havaş Shuttle (Private Airport Shuttle). This Runs to the nearby Akdeniz University, and costs 10tl (2 Euros).
  • Public Bus Number 600. This costs 5 Turkish Liras (1 Euro). This bus takes around an hour to get to Akdeniz University. Please ask the bus driver if you can pay with Euros. Mostly they do not accept Euros.
  • Taxi: Private taxis are more expensive than public transport. A taxi from the airport to Akdeniz University costs around 75 Turkish Liras (15 Euros).

The Akdeniz University Campus is situated within the boundaries of the Metropolitan Municipality. The campus area is 1.5 km away from the intercity bus terminal. The campus is close to the city centre, and there are no transport problems for the employees or students of the university because buses come and go at regular intervals from every part of the city centre.
The buildings in the campus area are all within walking distance of each other. Transport within the campus is provided by public transport buses, intercampus transport vehicles and bicycles belonging to university which were put into service in 2007 with the aim of achieving zero emission out of concern for the ecological balance.
When you arrive at the university you should come directly to the International Office on the 6th floor of the Rectorate building, where the staff can welcome you and give you an Information Pack which will be of great help to you during your first few days here. There is a map showing you how to get from the bus stop to the International Relations Office below.

How to use the campus internet network

Welcome students and staff with disabilities

At Akdeniz University, we welcome students with disabilities, and we already have many disabled students who are currently studying at Akdeniz University. Disability or health problems should not prevent any student from fully participating in the social or academic life of the university. We have already completed a project in which ramps have been incorporated into the infrastructure of the campus, and our goal of a totally “Barrier-Free International Campus” has been achieved.

Emergency telephone numbers

You should have emergency numbers during your Erasmus period.

  • Fire ………………………110
  • Traffic…………….……..154
  • Police…………………….155
  • Electrical Failure…….186
  • Gas Failure…………….187
  • Emergency Service …112
  • Consumer Line …….. 175
  • Forest Fire……………. 177
  • Health Advise………..184

Extension of your erasmus period at Akdenız University

If you have been nominated for the winter semester only, you can apply for an extension for the spring semester. Please discuss this option both with your home university and your departmental coordinator at Akdeniz University. If your extension is approved, please contact the International Relations Office of Akdeniz University as soon as possible with at this e-mail address;

Isced – F Codes


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