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Campus Life – Accommodation

There is a state dormitory within Akdeniz University Campus, as well as other dormitories in the institutions in which the Akdeniz University’s Associate Degree Programmes are taught at various locations in the Antalya region. Apart from these dormitories, there are also plenty of apart hotels, as well as private dormitories and apartments for rent, so the Antalya region has a wide range of facilities for accommodation for visiting students.

International students can benefit from the dormitories belonging to the Credit and Dormitories Institution provided that they pay the monthly fee. If international students choose to stay in Credit and Dormitories accommodation, they enjoy the same rights as Turkish students. There are standard rooms in dormitories, as well as rooms built to a higher standard.

On the Main Campus

Credit and Dormitories Institution (C. D. I) Akdeniz University Dormitory

Schools in the Districts Around Antalya

The following dormitories are attached to Akdeniz University Vocational High Schools;

– Dormitory 56 girls at Elmalı Vocational High School
– Dormitory 65 boys at Korkuteli Vocational High School
– State dormitory at Manavgat Vocational High School.

There are also alternative housing around these districts.

Among the alternatives for student accommodation there are;

-Apart Hotels (breakfast, electricity, water, internet, tv, refrigerator, desk, with varying standards of accommodation in different hotels).

-Private Dormitory Accommodation (food, electricity, water, internet, tv, refrigerator, desk)

– Furnished and unfurnished apartments.

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