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Visit of the Nigerian Ambassador to Turkey


Ahmed Abdülhamid, the Nigerian Ambassador to Turkey in Ankara, visited Prof. Dr. Israfil Kurtcephe, Rector of Akdeniz University on May 8th 2014.

During the visit Ambassador Abdülhamid took part in a meeting with Prof. Dr. Israfil Kurtcephe, which was also attended by Prof. Dr. Ramazan Çetinkaya, Vice-rector of Akdeniz University, and Prof. Dr. Burhan Özkan, Advisor to the Rector and International Relations Coordinator of Akdeniz University.

In a speech made during the visit, Prof. Dr. Israfil Kurtcephe stated that Akdeniz University would be very happy to engage in scientific collaboration with universities in Nigeria, which he described as a friendly and sister country. He added that they were ready to start an exchange programme involving academics and students from both countries, and this would be followed by joint scientific projects which would facilitate the sharing of the facilities and knowledge of the units of Akdeniz University with universities in Nigeria. The signing of bilateral collaboration agreements and the Mevlana Exchange Programme Protocol would be the first steps towards making this possible.

Ambassador Abdülhamid responded by saying that there was great enthusiasm for collaboration between Akdeniz University and universities in Nigeria, and added “There are huge opportunities in terms of collaboration, especially in the field of education between Turkey and Nigeria”.

Prof. Dr. Kurtcephe then thanked Ambassador Abdülhamid for his visit, and presented a plaque to the Ambassador in memory of the visit.

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