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Visit of the Delegation from Djibouti University (June 4th to 9th 2014)


Akdeniz University, which has established scientific and cultural collaboration agreements not only within Europe but also with many other regions of the world, signed a Scientific and Educational Collaboration Agreement with Djibouti University in April 2014. This agreement will increase the opportunities for collaboration, aid the development of scientific and educational activities, and create a framework of reciprocal exchange visits in which academics and students can take part in joint projects. For similar reasons, both of the universities involved have also signed the Mevlana Exchange Programme Protocol with the purpose of focusing attention on their educational programmes by providing opportunities for the exchange of academics and students between Akdeniz University and the University of Djibouti.

After the collaboration agreement was signed between Akdeniz University and Djibouti University, a delegation, which included Dr. Nabil Mohamed Ahmed, Minister of Higher Education and Research of the Republic of Djibouti, Dr. Fahmi Ahmed Mohamed, Advisor to the Minister of Higher Education and Research, and Dr. Djama Mohamed Hassan, Rector of Djibouti University visited Akdeniz University to hold bilateral talks between June 4th and 9th 2014.

A meeting was held under the joint presidency of Dr. Nabil Mohamed Ahmed, and Prof. Dr. İsrafil Kurtcephe, Rector of Akdeniz University. The meeting was attended by Dr. Fahmi Ahmed Mohamed and Dr. Djama Mohamed Hassan, as well as deans and directors of the academic units of Akdeniz University. During the meeting, plans for collaborative projects were discussed in detail, and a decision was made to establish a roadmap for future cooperation.

Dr. Fahmi Ahmed Mohamed stated that in addition to his university’s commitment to scientific collaboration and the exchange of academics and students, the university administration would be consulting with Akdeniz University in their planned scientific and administrative restructuring of Djibouti University.

Prof. Dr. İsrafil Kurtcephe, who expressed his happiness at the opportunity to host the delegation from Djibouti, emphasised the willingness of everyone at Akdeniz University to provide whatever form of academic or administrative support Djibouti University required.

The members of the Djibouti delegation were then taken on a tour of Akdeniz University, during which they visited the Faculties of Medicine, Engineering, Tourism and Agriculture, as well as inspecting the Vocational School of Technical Sciences and the Antalya Teknokent, the Technology City of Akdeniz University.

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