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Student Exchange

Dear Students,

Greetings from the International Relations Office of Akdeniz University.

Akdeniz University regards internationalization as one of its highest priorities, and as a result of this view places international students and exchange students at the centre of its internationalization strategy. If you would like to study at Akdeniz University as an exchange student for one or two semesters, we can provide a wide range of options with your needs in mind.

If you want to apply to study as part of the Erasmus+ Programme or the Mevlana Exchange Programme, or to take part in a student exchange under the terms of our cooperation protocols, then there needs to be an Erasmus+ bilateral agreement, a Mevlana Exchange Programme Protocol or a Cooperation Protocol between your home university and Akdeniz University. If there is no bilateral agreement in place between your home university and Akdeniz University, you can also apply to the Free Mover Programme, for which no bilateral agreement is needed.

Prospective students should be aware that the language of instruction at Akdeniz University is Turkish, though some courses are offered in English and other foreign languages. You can find information about courses in languages other than Turkish in the Course Catalogues at the following location on our website:http://erasmus.akdeniz.edu.tr/2015-2016-course-catalogues-in-english .

You can find detailed information about all our student exchange programmes, including requirements and application procedures, by visiting the following web pages.

Student Exchange Opportunities

If you want to know more about the international relations activities of Akdeniz University, a great deal of information can be found in the newsletters and publications available on our website http://uio.akdeniz.edu.tr/publications

With our sincere regards,

Akdeniz University
International Relations Office