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Mevlana Exchange Programme Protocol Signing Ceremony with Oberlin University


Akdeniz University signed a cooperation agreement with Oberlin University, one of the leading higher education institutions of Japan, on May 22nd 2013. Within the scope of the agreement, Dr. Takayasu Mitani, Rector of Oberlin University, and Dr. Bruce Batten, Dean responsible for graduate studies carried out a study visit to Akdeniz University on September 12th 2013. As part of his visit to Akdeniz University, Dr. Takayasu Mitani signed the Mevlana Exchange Programme Protocol with Prof. Dr. İsrafil Kurtcephe, Rector of Akdeniz University. The Mevlana Exchange Programme, which is designed to facilitate the exchange of students and faculty staff members between higher education institutions in Turkey and higher education institutions in other countries, has among its purposes; making Turkey an attraction centre in the field of higher education, increasing the academic capacity of higher education institutions, contributing to the process of globalization of higher education, sharing the rich historical and cultural heritage of Turkey at a global level, as well as increasing intercultural interaction and the culture of understanding and respect which will encourage differences to flourish.

After the protocol signing ceremony, a contact meeting was carried out with the attendance of faculty staff members of Akdeniz University who will teach in Oberlin University in 2013/2014 academic year as part of the exchange programme. Reciprocal information sharing was the central theme of the meeting, which was also attended by Prof. Dr. Burhan Özkan, Advisor to the Rector and Head of the International Relations Office of Akdeniz University, Ayça Altay, International Cooperation and Publicity Coordinator, and Nurgül Büyükkalay, Mevlana Exchange Programme Coordinator from International Relations Office.

As part of the signed agreement, 6 students from Akdeniz University will go to Oberlin University for educational purposes, and 8 faculty staff members for the purpose of teaching under the terms of the exchange programme in the 2013/2014 academic year.

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Page Summary: Mevlana Exchange Programme Protocol Signing Ceremony with Oberlin University

Abstract: Mevlana Exchange Programme Protocol Signing Ceremony with Oberlin University