Akdeniz Üniversitesi

International Students

1-What is the language of education at Akdeniz University?

Turkish is the language of instruction at Akdeniz University with the exception of programmes which are listed as providing all courses in a foreign language or languages. The programmes in which the whole of the course is taught in English are;
The Faculty of Tourism: Department of Tourism Management, Bachelor's Degree Programme.
The Graduate School of Natural and Applied Science: Agricultural Biotechnology Doctorate Degree Programme and Master’s Degree Programme.
The Institute of Social Sciences: Department of International Tourism Management, Master’s Degree Programme. 

2- Which examinations are acceptable when applying to study at Akdeniz University?

International Students are required to take  Akdeniz University International Student Examination (AKUS)  and also successful applications  require a minimum grade of  30  for associate programmes or  a minimum grade of  50  for undergraduate  programmes in the exam.

3- What are the Conditions of Acceptance for International Students when applying to Akdeniz University?

All applications will be accepted and evaluated on condition that the applicant has either completed or is in the final year of their secondary education, and fulfils the conditions listed below. If the candidate does not fulfil any of these conditions, the application will not be accepted.

The applicant;

a) Is a Foreign Student, or,
b) Is a Turkish citizen by birth who was granted permission by the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs to give up their Turkish citizenship, or is a child of such a person who is below the age of 18, and who is registered on his or her parent’s renunciation of citizenship document, providing they have in their possession documentary evidence of their rights under the terms of Law No. 5901, and Article 7 (1),
c) Is a foreign national by birth, and who has also been granted Turkish citizenship (dual nationality)
d) Is a Turkish citizen who has completed his or her secondary education in a foreign country with the exception of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)
e) Is a TRNC citizen living in the TRNC who has completed his or her secondary education in the TRNC, and has successfully completed the GCE AL Examination,

4- When is the AKUS (Akdeniz University International Students Examination) held?

The Akdeniz University International Students Examination is held every year on the date listed in the academic calendar.

5- What are the contents of the Akdeniz University International Students Examination?

The examination consists of questions which test Basic Learning Skills, and is a multiple choice examination designed to measure the candidate’s abstract thinking with questions on mathematic and geometry. In 2015, the AKUS examination was available in Turkish, English, German,French, Arabic and Russian. You can read questions from previous AKUS examinations by following this link: http://intstudents.akdeniz.edu.tr/sinav-ve-kabul-sartlari   

6- How long are the results of the Akdeniz University International Students Examination (AKUS) valid?

The results of the Akdeniz University International Students Examination are valid for 1 year.

7- How can I apply for the AKUS examination?

Applications from both Turkey and foreign countries can be made online on the Akdeniz University webpage.

8- Where can I find announcements about my application?

Candidates can find the results of their applications by entering their user names and passwords on the following web link; “akus.akdeniz.edu.tr”. Candidates who are successful in their applications can also obtain their acceptance documents from akus.akdeniz.edu.tr, and they should then apply to the Turkish Foreign Representative Office for their ‘Turkish Student Visa’.

9- What are the dates on which candidates can register, and what is the correct procedure?

Students who are successful in their application must make their applications on the dates listed in the academic calendar. The correct procedure for registration is explained in the Akdeniz University Directive on the Selection and Placement of International Students on Associate and Bachelor's Degree Programmes. Applications must include all the required documents or they cannot be accepted.

10- Which candidates are exempt from taking the Turkish Proficiency Examination?

The following candidates are not required to take the Turkish Proficiency Examination; candidates who have completed their secondary school education in Turkey, candidates who have achieved the required standard in one of the international examinations which are accepted by the Turkish Higher Education Council, candidates who have been successful in the Turkish Competency Certificate B2 level awarded by the Yunus Emre Institute,

The candidates who do not fulfil one of the criteria mentioned above must take the ‘Turkish Proficiency Examination’ held by the Akdeniz University School of Foreign Languages. The Turkish Proficiency Certificate is not required when applying for programmes in which all courses are taught in English.

11- How is the level of tuition fees for international students decided?

Decisions regarding the level of tuition fees are made by the Akdeniz University Senate. Fees cannot be set at a level which is higher than the ‘student current service costs’, which are determined annually by the Council of Ministers.

12. Are international students permitted to participate in international exchange programmes?

International students are permitted to participate in international exchange programmes (Mevlana, Erasmus, Farabi). Detailed information can be found at the following link: http://uio.akdeniz.edu.tr/tr 

Contact: intstudents@akdeniz.edu.tr